Connect outside of the classroom.

Use video-based messaging to engage with students - on your schedule.

Build the classroom community anywhere!

While more and more courses are moving to online or hybrid formats, there is no matching the value of face-to-face interaction between faculty and students.

EdConnect is a video messaging tool that brings the classroom environment online, increasing student engagement and retention.
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From office hours to class assignments

Reach students otherwise unavailable by choice, distance, or schedule by extending academic office hours with video-based messaging.

Have students post videos responding to assignments, and provide an online space for face-to-face study groups.
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From recruiting to admissions

Hard-to-reach prospective students want to feel that they matter. EdConnect enables you to deliver authentic, personalized content to prospective students, establishing a sense of community and trust from the beginning. EdConnect also allows you to easily engage current students and even alumni to foster their connection through graduation and beyond.

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Join classrooms around the world and continue the conversation outside the classroom.